Residence for Mr Shaji Goerge at Vellimadukunnu

Client: Mr Shaji Goerge

Building Area: 11,200 sq. ft.

Project Status: Ongoing

Project Description: Embracing the timeless charm of traditional Kerala architecture, this distinctive residential unit stands as a paragon of elegance. A captivating blend of heritage and sophistication, the dwelling boasts enchanting features, including a central courtyard that serves as the soul of the home. A sculptural masterpiece, a spiral staircase gracefully ascends, adding an element of grace and functionality. Bathed in natural light, the interiors of this residence are a canvas for warmth and comfort, creating a harmonious living environment. In every corner, authenticity meets contemporary living, offering a unique residential experience that transcends the ordinary. Welcome to a home where tradition and elegance coalesce, creating an extraordinary living space that captures the essence of Kerala's architectural heritage.

What are the
Frequently Asked Questions?

Intimacy is fostered through strategic furniture arrangements, the use of warm color palettes, and the incorporation of cozy elements such as rugs and textiles. These design choices balance the grandeur of big halls, creating inviting and intimate living spaces.

Architectural elements are used to define and enhance each bedroom's character. From unique moldings and feature walls to custom-built furniture, these elements add a personalized touch, ensuring that each bedroom becomes a distinct and luxurious retreat.

Stone cladding is selected based on its ability to harmonize with the surrounding landscape. The choice of color and texture is guided by the natural elements of the environment, creating a seamless integration that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

Trendy exterior designs are chosen based on contemporary preferences, incorporating elements like clean lines, innovative materials, and modern geometries. These designs reflect the evolving tastes of modern homeowners, creating residences that feel current and aspirational.

Cutting-edge technology is seamlessly integrated into big windows and glass features. Motorized blinds, smart glass solutions, and automated window treatments ensure optimal functionality and user control, enhancing the overall experience of residents.

The process involves studying color trends and selecting hues with enduring qualities. We focus on versatile shades that can be paired with a variety of styles, ensuring that our interiors remain contemporary while standing the test of time.

Balconies are designed as functional outdoor retreats, incorporating comfortable seating, greenery, and innovative features like built-in planters or privacy screens. This approach transforms balconies into extensions of the living space, enhancing the overall residential experience.

Lighting is carefully orchestrated to create ambiance within interiors. In big halls, statement fixtures add drama, while bedrooms feature layered lighting for versatility. A combination of natural and artificial light ensures a harmonious balance that enhances the atmosphere of each space.

Privacy is maintained through strategic placement of windows, the use of smart shading solutions, and landscaping. These measures allow residents to enjoy the benefits of large windows while ensuring a private and secure environment within bedrooms.

We prioritize eco-friendly materials in exterior designs, including sustainable wood, recycled metals, and low-impact finishes. These choices contribute to sustainability while adding a layer of texture and visual interest that enhances the overall aesthetic of the residence.

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