Residence at Kadavathoor

Client: Mr. Luqmaan

Building Area: 7,000 sq. ft.

Project Status: Proposed

Project Description: Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Kadavathoor, our architectural vision unfolds in the design of an extraordinary residential project - harmonious blend of innovation and timeless elegance. The distinctive feature of a steep-sloped roof imparts character and visual interest to the structure, creating a captivating silhouette against the backdrop. This residence is a demonstration of our proficiency in crafting dynamic living spaces. A series of outdoor areas, including open and semi-open courtyards, seamlessly integrate nature with the interior, fostering a sense of tranquillity and connection. The architectural prowess is further showcased in the thoughtful layout, comprising five bedrooms, double-height living areas, an intricate spiral staircase, and arched openings. As architects, our commitment lies in creating homes that transcend conventional design, offering a symphony of functionality and aesthetics. This residential project in Kadavathoor exemplifies our dedication to crafting living spaces that are both distinctive and timeless, reflecting the essence of thoughtful architecture.

What are the
Frequently Asked Questions?

We strike a balance by investing in timeless foundational pieces and incorporating trendy elements through accessories and decor. This approach allows for easy updates while maintaining the enduring quality of the overall interior design.

Luxurious outdoor spaces are designed as extensions of the architectural vision. Lawns and gardens are carefully landscaped to complement the overall design, with strategic placement of greenery and features that enhance the seamless integration with the architectural elements.

The placement of glass is strategic, considering orientation, energy efficiency, and privacy. High-performance glass, smart shading solutions, and thoughtful positioning are employed to maximize natural light while addressing energy efficiency and privacy concerns.

Trendy colors in exterior designs are inspired by contemporary palettes and architectural trends. These hues contribute to the vibrancy and character of the residences, creating a dynamic and visually appealing presence that reflects modern sensibilities.

Cohesion is achieved through a careful selection of colors that transition seamlessly between interior and exterior spaces. Shared color tones and complementary hues create a harmonious flow, enhancing the overall design continuity of the residence.

Flooring materials for big halls are chosen for their durability, elegance, and practicality. Options like hardwood, marble, or polished concrete are selected based on the desired aesthetic and the functional requirements of high-traffic areas.

Modern kitchens are designed for both functionality and luxury. Innovative layouts, premium appliances, and high-end finishes create a culinary haven. Attention to detail ensures that the kitchen becomes a focal point of both aesthetics and practicality.

Open-plan designs are integral to multistorey residences, fostering a sense of spaciousness and connectivity. They create fluidity between spaces, allowing for an uninterrupted flow that enhances the overall living experience and visual appeal.

Outdoor lighting is strategically placed to enhance the ambiance of lawns, gardens, and outdoor entertainment areas. Thoughtful placement of fixtures, accent lighting, and smart controls contribute to creating inviting and atmospheric outdoor spaces during the evening hours.

Reflective surfaces, such as mirrors and glossy finishes, are strategically integrated to enhance the play of light and create a sense of expansiveness within a residence. These elements contribute to the overall luminosity and visual interest of the interior spaces.

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