Apartment Building at Ernakulam

Client: Clearway Builders

Building Area: 56,300 sq. ft.

Project Status: Completed

Project Description:

Elevate your living experience in the heart of Ernakulam, Kerala, with our striking residential project soaring to G+14 storeys. Beyond the ordinary, this apartment complex marries contemporary design with thoughtful planning, offering an array of common facilities. Dive into relaxation at the swimming pool, revel in recreational spaces, and unwind in dwellings designed for the discerning. The well-conceived living spaces feature strategically ventilated bedrooms, ensuring a constant connection with nature. Open balconies invite panoramic views, while spacious living areas become the canvas for your daily life. With meticulous attention to detail, this project promises not just a residence but an elevated lifestyle in the vibrant district of Ernakulam.

What are the
Frequently Asked Questions?

Designing modern apartment homes involves integrating energy-saving solutions, solar power systems, rainwater harvesting, and advanced technologies for efficient and sustainable living.

Our designs prioritize energy efficiency through strategic orientation, insulation, and the use of energy-efficient appliances. We also incorporate green building practices such as sustainable materials and smart home technologies.

Yes, we can integrate solar power systems into apartment designs, promoting sustainability by harnessing clean energy and reducing reliance on conventional power sources.

Rainwater harvesting is a key feature in our designs, allowing residents to collect and reuse rainwater for various purposes, contributing to water conservation and sustainable practices.

Designing these facilities involves considerations such as space optimization, landscaping, safety measures, and aesthetic appeal. We aim to create inviting communal spaces that enhance the overall living experience.

Privacy is a priority. Our designs include landscaping, architectural elements, and thoughtful layout planning to provide private and semi-private outdoor spaces for residents to enjoy.

Legal considerations include zoning regulations, building codes, and obtaining necessary permits. We guide clients through the legal landscape, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and obtaining required approvals.

Absolutely, our expertise extends to selecting land for multi-storey buildings. We consider factors such as soil stability, topography, and local regulations to recommend suitable sites, even in areas with uneven terrain.

Constructing on uneven terrain requires careful planning. We collaborate with structural engineers to design foundations and support systems that ensure stability and safety in multi-storey buildings.

Sustainability is integral to our designs, incorporating energy-efficient features, eco-friendly materials, and sustainable practices. Residents benefit from reduced energy costs and a lower environmental footprint.

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