Residence Interiors for Mr Shaj at Kannadikkal

Client: Mr Shaj

Building Area: 8,000 sq. ft

Project Status: Completed

Project Description: In the architectural tapestry of our recent creation, we have woven a symphony of tradition and modernity, crafting a residence that transcends expectations. This two-story marvel, meticulously designed for the client, offers not just a home but an experience—a fusion of elegance and functionality. The choice of materials and detailing for the interior reflects a deep understanding of our client's vision. Rich textures and warm tones intertwine with sleek, contemporary finishes, creating an ambience that seamlessly marries the past with the present. From the wonderful curvy staircase to the in-house recliner home theatre, every element has been thoughtfully curated to enhance both aesthetic allure and daily functionality. Our commitment to delivering an architectural masterpiece is epitomized in the careful selection of materials, ensuring a tactile and visual delight at every turn. This residence is not merely a structure; it's a manifestation of our dedication to translating dreams into living spaces, where tradition embraces modernity in a dance of timeless design.

What are the
Frequently Asked Questions?

Luxurious home libraries are designed with custom bookshelves, plush seating, and ambient lighting to create a sophisticated reading haven. Attention to detail in material selection and layout ensures a space that invites residents to immerse themselves in the world of literature.

Our designs often feature cutting-edge home automation systems that allow residents to control lighting, climate, and entertainment with ease. Smart controls and interfaces contribute to a technologically advanced and luxurious living experience.

High-end home offices are designed as both functional workspaces and elegant retreats. We prioritize ergonomic furniture, premium materials, and sophisticated color schemes to create an inspiring environment that seamlessly integrates with the overall luxury of the residence.

Private art galleries or exhibition spaces are integrated to showcase residents' collections. Thoughtful lighting, gallery-style layouts, and innovative display solutions contribute to a curated and culturally rich environment within the residence.

Dining areas are designed as opulent spaces, featuring bespoke dining furniture, ambient lighting, and unique design elements. The goal is to enhance the dining experience, creating an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication for residents and their guests.

Master suites are crafted as indulgent private retreats, featuring sumptuous bedding, custom furnishings, and integrated technology. Attention to detail in layout and design ensures a serene and luxurious haven for residents to unwind and rejuvenate.

Wine-tasting rooms or cellars are designed as immersive experiences, featuring temperature-controlled storage, tasteful displays, and comfortable seating. The design aims to create a sophisticated ambiance for wine enthusiasts to savor their collections.

Outdoor fire features or fire pits are integrated into outdoor spaces to create cozy and luxurious settings for evening gatherings. Thoughtful placement, premium materials, and ambient lighting contribute to an inviting and sophisticated outdoor atmosphere.

State-of-the-art kitchens feature high-end appliances, innovative storage solutions, and premium finishes. The design prioritizes functionality, ensuring that the kitchen not only meets culinary needs but also provides a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing space.

Home spas or wellness rooms are designed as indulgent retreats, featuring premium sauna or steam room installations, relaxing lighting, and indulgent amenities. The design aims to create a private sanctuary for residents to prioritize their well-being.

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