Alakkal Residency

Client: Mr. Moosa Hajji

Building Area: 20,600 sq. ft.

Project Status: Completed

Project Description:

Nestled in Kalpetta, this G+2 hospitality building is strategically positioned on a convenient site, showcasing a thoughtful architectural design. The ground floor has been meticulously planned to house essential facilities, including restaurant spaces, offices, a welcoming lobby, and a functional kitchen area. Moving upward, the first and second floors are dedicated to standard rooms, ensuring a seamless and efficient layout that aligns with both functionality and aesthetic considerations. The architecture prioritizes spatial efficiency and a cohesive design, providing a balanced and purposeful structure for hospitality in the heart of Kalpetta.

What are the
Frequently Asked Questions?

Our designs carefully balance individuality and coherence. Through unique architectural elements, branding strategies, and spatial planning, we ensure that the hotel and residency components maintain their distinct identities while contributing to an integrated experience.

We stay at the forefront of technological advancements, integrating smart systems for energy management, guest services, and security. Our designs leverage technology to enhance operational efficiency and elevate the overall guest experience.

Our portfolio showcases thoughtfully designed common spaces that cater to the diverse needs of guests and residents. From elegant lobbies to recreational areas, we create environments that foster community and luxury.

Our designs are future-proof. We anticipate industry trends, ensuring our projects can adapt to evolving preferences, technological advancements, and market demands, providing lasting value to our clients.

Our commitment extends beyond construction. We offer post-construction support, ensuring the seamless operation of the facility. Our team addresses any concerns promptly, ensuring the longevity and success of the project.

Space optimization is a core aspect of our designs. We create versatile spaces that can seamlessly transition between functions, maximizing utility without compromising on the comfort and aesthetics of the environment.

Our team is well-versed in international standards and regulations. We ensure that our designs adhere to the highest industry benchmarks, facilitating smooth compliance processes for our clients.

Yes, customization is a key aspect of our service. We understand the importance of personalized spaces, and our designs allow for flexibility to accommodate specific preferences of residents or hotel guests.

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