Santhi Eye Hospital

Client: The Islamic Welfare Trust

Building Area: 6,900 sq. ft

Project Status: Completed

Project Description: Situated in Omassery, this eye hospital is an extraordinary one. Clad in glass and laterite masonry, the fa├žade is characterized by the use of vertical and horizontal lines that impart a unique look. The design integrates state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical technologies within an aesthetically pleasing and patient-friendly environment. Carefully curated spaces, abundant natural light, and soothing color schemes contribute to an ambiance that promotes healing and reassurance. The surgical suites prioritize precision and safety, equipped with the latest advancements in ophthalmic care. Patient-centric areas are designed for comfort and privacy, emphasizing the importance of a calm and supportive atmosphere in the healing process. The Eye Hospital seeks to redefine the healthcare landscape by not only providing top-notch medical services but also by delivering a holistic and compassionate architectural experience for patients and medical professionals alike.

What are the
Frequently Asked Questions?

Our approach to healthcare facility design is rooted in a meticulous balance of functionality and aesthetics. We integrate evidence-based design principles, prioritize patient well-being, and create spaces that promote healing while maintaining a visually appealing and uplifting environment.

Our portfolio includes numerous healthcare projects showcasing our expertise in seamlessly integrating cutting-edge medical technology. These examples demonstrate our ability to create patient-friendly environments while incorporating state-of-the-art medical facilities.

Designing for diverse medical specialties is a nuanced process. We conduct thorough research, collaborate closely with healthcare professionals, and implement flexible design solutions to ensure optimal functionality for different departments while maintaining a cohesive architectural identity across the entire healthcare facility.

Sustainability is integral to our healthcare designs. We prioritize eco-friendly materials, implement energy-efficient systems, and incorporate sustainable design practices to not only contribute to environmental responsibility but also ensure long-term cost efficiency for our clients.

Security and privacy are paramount in healthcare design. We implement advanced access control systems, design secure layouts, and employ soundproofing and visual barriers to ensure the confidentiality and security of patient information, creating a safe and protected healthcare environment.

Designing flexible spaces is a cornerstone of our healthcare expertise. We integrate modular designs, adaptable infrastructure, and future-proof planning to ensure that our healthcare spaces can easily accommodate evolving medical technologies and changing healthcare practices over time.

Patient comfort and well-being are central to our healthcare designs. We prioritize natural light, incorporate healing gardens, and design patient-centric spaces. Our approach also considers the well-being of families and healthcare staff, ensuring a holistic and positive experience for all stakeholders.

Collaboration with healthcare professionals is a hallmark of our approach. Our portfolio features successful projects that highlight our collaborations with specialists, demonstrating how their expertise informs the design of specialized healthcare spaces tailored to meet the unique needs of patients and medical practitioners.

Navigating healthcare regulations is a meticulous process. We have a dedicated team that stays abreast of healthcare building codes and standards. Our thorough understanding ensures compliance, guaranteeing that our healthcare facilities meet all necessary legal and safety requirements.

Creating a seamless flow is a key focus in healthcare design. We implement intuitive wayfinding systems, design efficient layouts, and prioritize clear sightlines to ensure easy navigation for patients, visitors, and healthcare staff within the facility.

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