Commercial Building at Pottammal

Client: Dr. Venu

Building Area: 26,900 sq. ft

Project Status: Completed

Project Description: This iconic four-storey commercial arcade, located at Pottammal, is a fusion of innovation and functionality. This landmark features a thoughtfully designed basement floor for seamless parking, ensuring convenience for every visitor. Ascend to discover expansive commercial spaces on each successive floor, meticulously arranged to inspire business excellence. With its avant-garde design, this structure stands as a testament to the synergy of form and purpose. Elevate your business endeavours within an environment where sophistication meets strategic functionality, setting a new standard for commercial excellence.

What are the
Frequently Asked Questions?

Architects are just not designers they have been authorised to approve the construction or structural modification of the structure. If you are erecting a structure, it is better to involve an architect as early as possible. They will also help in representing you with the authorities to get approvals for construction. They will also look into all legal, structural and aesthetical aspects of the structure.

We understand your situation as it is frustrating and inevitably costs money. We would request you to contact our expert architects to gain more clarity on how we can assist you in solving this issue to move towards a successful project completion.

This is project-specific, and impossible to answer without knowing a bit more about the site and context of what you are looking to achieve, get in touch with our experts and they will seek to understand a bit more and be able to help you establish what permissions may be required.

Yes, we have been delivering projects outside Kerala. We have successfully delivered commercial projects at Mahe, Bangalore and Ooty.

Wayfinding is a critical aspect of our designs for large-scale commercial buildings. Clear signage, intuitive layouts, and visual cues are employed to ensure effortless navigation and enhance the overall experience for visitors.

Balancing smart technologies involves user-friendly interfaces and seamless integration. Our designs prioritize intuitive controls, automation, and user-friendly systems to ensure that occupants and visitors can easily navigate and benefit from the advanced technologies incorporated into the commercial buildings.

Our retail spaces are designed with adaptability in mind. Flexible layouts, modular fixtures, and easily reconfigurable spaces enable retailers to respond swiftly to changing market trends and cater to evolving consumer preferences.

Sustainable transportation solutions are seamlessly integrated into our designs. Bike racks, electric vehicle charging stations, and pedestrian-friendly pathways contribute to eco-friendly commuting options, aligning with our commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious design.

Community engagement is integral to our design process. We actively seek and incorporate community feedback through town hall meetings, surveys, and collaboration with local stakeholders, ensuring that our designs align with the needs and aspirations of the surrounding community in mixed-use developments.

Atriums and central gathering spaces are designed as dynamic focal points. We incorporate features like skylights, greenery, and flexible seating arrangements to create inviting and versatile areas that serve as hubs for social interaction, events, and community engagement within large commercial complexes.

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