Commercial at Kannur

Client: Mr. Noushad

Building Area: Updating

Project Status: Ongoing

Project Description:

Located in a sprawling site in Kannur, this hotel building is an extraordinary one. It is a five-storey building with an exterior skin that involves a combination of horizontal and vertical lines. Spanning 43,100 sq. ft., this masterpiece seamlessly blends form and function, boasting a striking exterior skin adorned with a harmonious dance of horizontal and vertical lines. As the sun casts shadows upon this architectural marvel, the play of light accentuates its contemporary design. Each floor unfolds a story of opulence and comfort, offering a sanctuary for discerning travelers.

What are the
Frequently Asked Questions?

*Built using green and sustainable materials *Energy efficient, including incorporating solar energy if possible *Makes the most of natural light exposure *Water efficiency *Lighting efficiency *Sufficient insulation so warm air doesn’t escape *Maximum ventilation and properly sealed windows

Glass used in commercial architecture is generally stronger and more UV-resistant than normal glass. There are various types of glass used by commercial architects, including plexiglass, laminated glass, security glass, and insulated glass. These glasses can be shatter-proof, UV-resistant, tinted to assist with temperature control, and treated so they aren’t see-through. You’ve probably noticed many different types of glass while inside a commercial building, and designers are tasked with choosing which types of glass to use in various places throughout the building. These glasses can also enhance the energy efficiency of a building, as they help keep the building cool in the hot summer months.

We have experience working on all sizes of commercial projects ranging from a small complex of G+3 complex combining both commercial and residential use to big shopping malls. We have been designing pure office complex, Commercial cum hotels, Shopping malls, Single and multi-brand stores, supermarkets and more. Please refer to our projects section to learn more about our work.

Nowadays commercial projects are getting inclined to reduce their carbon emission and become self-sufficient using sustainability techniques and methods. We have been including such practices in our commercial, hospitality, residential and other architectural projects.

Cohesive design narratives in mixed-use projects involve a thorough understanding of each space's function. We ensure a harmonious flow by using consistent design elements, color schemes, and signage that reflect the overall identity while distinguishing individual components.

Inclusive design principles are embedded in our approach to retail spaces. From wheelchair-accessible layouts to sensory considerations, we create retail environments that cater to diverse customer needs, fostering a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Smart building technologies are integral to our designs for large-scale commercial buildings. They are employed to monitor and control energy usage, HVAC systems, and lighting, ensuring optimal efficiency and contributing to sustainable operational practices.

Privacy is carefully considered in open-plan office layouts. Strategic placement of partitions, acoustic treatments, and private meeting spaces ensure a balance between the collaborative benefits of an open layout and the need for confidentiality in office environments.

Local culture and architectural heritage are seamlessly woven into our designs. Whether through traditional materials, cultural motifs, or adaptive reuse of historical elements, our commercial buildings reflect a deep connection to the local context, adding a unique and contextual character.

Sustainable lighting solutions are prioritized in our designs. LED fixtures, daylight harvesting systems, and energy-efficient outdoor lighting contribute to reduced energy consumption, creating well-lit and environmentally conscious commercial spaces.

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