Company Profile

Founded in 2005 and based in Kozhikode, DESIGNPLUS is a versatile design firm, that has left the stamp of excellence on exclusive projects across locations in South India.

Over the past decade, the firm has acquired the unique distinction of a brand that spells creative innovation in architectural design, complemented by the holistic integration of every aspect of civic construction.

The individuality of each client, the peculiar project and site specifications and the distinct cultural and technological milieu that differentiate each undertaking constitute the driving forces behind every DESIGNPLUS initiative.

Message From CEO

The firm boasts a track record of completed projects in diverse areas of construction activity, such as residences, residential complexes, commercial spaces, hotels, hospitals, institutions and interiors; apart from highly appreciated restoration and expansion projects that aim to preserve historical and classic architecture.

The company thrives under the imaginative and visionary leadership of Josemon Mathew, who personally oversees and administers all project functions in alignment with the respective Project Co-Ordinators. A tested and talented team, comprised of members with significant experience, effectively leverages the comprehensive, centralized resources and the potent database of relevant knowledge, to unfailingly deliver outstanding quality.

The focused commitment of the team guarantees dependability, consistency, promptness and superior quality in the design and documentation; enabling the firm to uphold its unchallenged record of impeccable output in the domain of customized design projects, as well as in that of conventionally scheduled and organized assignments, delivered across South India.

dplus team
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